ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - 24 May, 2016

  • Fixed singleplayer/non-dedi saving on The Center (this will not wipe player dedicateds again!)
  • Added Dodo, Kairuku, & Dung Beetle pickup & toss
  • Added Arthropluera Turret AI mode
  • Fixed some out-of-control The Center spawners, and added resources to Skull Island on The Center. (For the time being recommend that Player Dedis run 'cheat destroywilddinos' command to avoid the out of control spawners)
  • Automatically Fixed Player Dedi saves that could become too large due to out of control spawners
  • Fixed another case of audio clipping
  • Reduced Bola timer on humans by 50%, since humans are dexterous enough to get out of a bola more quickly. Also made Bola take a little Hide to craft.