Xbox 797.15

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Released - March 20th, 2020

PvP Official Server Wipe for the following
Official Server Genesis wipe for the following

Note: Any tamed MEK or Reaper that was in a cryopod now cannot be spawned when deploying that cryopod. You can either let it expire, or throw them out.

TEK Suits
  • Wearing a full TEK suit will prevent you from being targeted by bees when opening a bee hive
  • Capped TEK Suit durability at 1500
  • Pistol Damage versus Tamed Creatures reduced by 30%
  • MEK Rocket Boost (tapping/holding space) should no longer damage tamed creatures or players.
  • Sword Damage versus Tamed Creatures and Players reduced by 25%
  • Decreased the maximum damage scale from 12.5x to 8x when charging
  • Increased the time/distance it takes to charge up to max by 20% (so it'll take longer to hit that 8x)
  • Rhinos are now affected by Plant Y crowd control
Cluster Grenades
  • Cluster fragments if shot by a turret will now detonate all other fragments from the same originating grenade
Mindwipe Changes
  • Initiated a one-time forced mindwipe cooldown clearance of all characters on Official Servers
  • Gachas will no longer auto consume buff soup/food. This means they won't accidentally eat them when they're stored in troughs.
  • Disabled cryosickness on PvE Official Servers (Can be disabled on Unofficials using: EnableCryoSicknessPVE=true in the GameUserSettings.ini)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to locations showing Mission Areas when they weren't supposed to or vice versa