ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki
Major version | Jan 20, 2022
  • Fixed an issue that caused graphical issues with dino and items.
  • Fixed several exploits.
  • Fixed some holes in Lost Island
  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Addressed some overspawning issues on Lost Island.
  • Can no longer place dermis of creatures in  Taxidermy/ Training Dummy if that creature is not transferrable to a given map.
  • Fix loot crate spawns of  Massive/ Devious artifacts.
  • Fix for fertilized  Voidwyrm eggs not decaying.
  • Reduced fog while underwater.
  • Fixed some clutter & foliage.
  • Adjustments & fixes to  Amargasaurus.
  • Fixes to  Sinomacrops.
  • Adjusted respawn map and global LAT/LON coords to be more accurate on Lost Island.
  • Fixed  large Beaver dams being invisible for some clients on Lost Island.
  • Fixed an issue where some dinos were marked as not tameable in caves on Lost Island.
  • Several Lost Island client memory improvements.